The Benefits of HVAC Automation

Businesses and commercial entities of all types and sizes significantly benefit from the energy savings and productivity gained through the automation and control of HVAC systems. As HVAC continues to evolve, even small changes like smart thermostats can impact the state of your business’ finances. In this blog, we will cover the many ways HVAC automation can improve your company both financially and otherwise.

The first and most prevalent benefit of HVAC automation is the energy and utility cost savings it brings. HVAC accounts for more than 35 percent of a business’ energy consumption. When you add in another 20 percent for refrigeration and lighting, it's easy to see why HVAC automation is a hugely helpful way to save your business money. HVAC automation, controls, and smart thermostats help your business cut back on energy consumption, which directly leads to cutting costs.

Through the use of automation systems, facility managers can schedule heating and cooling uses around the needs of the building. This allows you to consume energy only as needed, based on production or occupancy schedules. Controls allow facilities to regulate heating and air conditioning based on occupancy, environmental factors, and/or energy efficiency goals. Many commercial customers also use similar systems to control a building’s lighting, providing further-reaching management of energy use and cost savings.

Automation can also help you better understand your facility’s energy consumption by identifying when and how you spend money on utilities. This is extremely valuable data in helping you improve efficiency. For example, you may determine that your HVAC system is losing energy or consuming too much energy, both of which can signal a malfunction has occurred and repairs are required. This data can provide an early warning of minor problems before they become major problems.

Controlling climates can also reduce errors and increase focus. By improving the overall climate inside a facility, reducing temperature fluctuations & hot or cold spots, and providing even temperatures throughout the facility, employees can be more precise, focused, and productive. In fact, according to studies carried out by Cornell University, a thermostat set at 68 degrees increased errors by 44 percent and decreased productivity by half when compared to a 77 degree setting.

HVAC automation systems can also be equipped with special indoor air quality equipment, improving the health of your facility. In turn, this increases productivity, reducing germs, viruses, bacteria, and allergens from entering the air supply. This limits employee exposure to such particulates and helps control the spread of illnesses and helps prevent allergy symptoms from flaring up.

Smart thermostats are common in the home, and are becoming increasingly popular in commercial applications where they can deliver effortless heating and cooling within a building. While a programmable thermostat must be manually set around a facility’s schedule, smart thermostats are able to learn the heating and air needs of a facility and make adjustments automatically. The thermostats feature sensors that detect occupant habits and preferences to monitor environmental factors. It then takes this information into account and adjusts the heating and cooling systems th their most ideal combination of comfort level and efficient energy consumption.

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