The Common Tools Necessary for Plumbing

Fluid systems are a staple of countless buildings and spaces, allowing for potable water, sewage, and other materials to be transported as needed. While modern plumbing systems are expertly designed with robust piping and advanced valves that promote optimal flow, they are still at risk of various issues like blockages, leaks, etc. As plumbing issues can quickly become disastrous if not solved right away, it is essential that one has the right types of tools needed to get the job done. In the case that you are unable to find a reputable professional to help you solve plumbing issues, we will discuss the most common types of tools that one should have on hand.

Wrenches are one of the most basic tools one will need, and they are used to grip onto fasteners so that they may be tightened and loosened with optimal torque and grip. Wrenches come in a number of common types, examples including basin, adjustable, and pipe wrenches. As wrenches may vary in the types of fasteners they can work with and how much grip they can provide, it is very important to either consider your needs carefully or have multiple options on hand.

When conducting work on pipes, there are a number of tools that can be used for repairs, alterations, replacements, and simple installations. Examples of these tools are hacksaws, pipe cutters, plumber’s torches, thread sealing tape, pliers, and press fitting systems. While something like a pipe cutter is beneficial for resizing pipes or removing stubborn installations, equipment like a press fitting system can help one create a very reliable connection or seal that won’t leak.

While clogs and blockages are never desirable, they can be manageable with the right tools on hand. For example, many are familiar with plungers, those of which can be used on toilets, sinks, and other appliances to remove blockages through suction and force. For the sake of cleanliness and variations in appliances, it can be useful to have multiple plungers with different sized cups. Aside from plungers, other similar tools include clear pipes with inserted cables, snake machines that are motorized augers, inspection cameras for visuals, and other equipment that serves for clearing blocks. 

As the wellbeing of the individual conducting plumbing is paramount, safety equipment is also essential. Gloves are one of the most basic types of safety equipment, due to the fact that one will most likely be dealing with substances and spaces that are not very clean or safe. Additionally, gloves can ensure one does not drop slippery equipment or materials. Aside from gloves, goggles or face masks will be needed when one is dealing with materials or temperatures that may cause eye damage or injury. While one may be prepared to deal with liquids or materials in the pipes themselves, there may also be a need for facial protection if one conducts pipe repair with a welding tool. In such situations, heat shields and pads may also be important.

Beyond the common examples we just covered, other useful tools include fittings, crimpers, screwdrivers, flow rate calculators, and other such equipment. Once you have taken the time to break down the various parts and tools you require for your own applications, allow Industrial Automation Parts to act as your strategic sourcing partner for everything. Listing over 2 billion items, we are your one-stop shop for all the new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find items you require for projects ranging from IT hardware assemblies to aerospace applications. As quality is the cornerstone of our operations, we choose to only stock parts from reputable manufacturers we trust, and much of our parts are subject to varying levels of inspections and testing. See how we can fulfill your needs with ease when you connect with a representative through phone or email.


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