What Do Most Industrial Automation Devices Require

Industrial automation systems are responsible for many operational functions and construction processes today. Although there are various types of automation systems, those specifically implemented for industrial means require the employment of specialized subsystems and components. Utilizing various automatic controls, automated systems reduce human intervention and allow for unmanned operation in various equipment. Whether partially or completely automated, the jump towards automation provides improved precision and accuracy in a myriad of environments not otherwise suited for human intervention. Within this blog, we will go over the common tools responsible for driving automated parts and their processes.

Predicted to be in practice as early as 300 BC, automated systems had made their greatest leap in demand and range of control from the 1900s to 1920s. Allowing for the implementation of automated electrical parts within factories following the 1920s, the construction of electronic amplifiers and relay devices proved to be a catalyst for many advances in automated controls. Significant applications of automatic systems include: construction, highway systems, video surveillance, retail, food and drink, laboratory, waste management, industrial robotics, automated voice solutions, and much more.

Consisting primarily of power and control components, all machine automation systems require the need for the following subsystems and their parts: power distributors, motor control and control drives, safety systems, programmable controllers, communication systems, discrete and analog I/O, and human-machine interfaces (HMI). Utilizing a vast system of power and control components, whether the automation system will require a small or large area will determine how it is built to best accompany space. Making use of panels as a housing unit, the casing containing all necessary automation parts requires ample space, often needing multiple panels to house all components fundamental to an automation system. In the promotion of machine and fire safety, all components also require additional protection in the case of thermal overloads and various other malfunctions.

To ensure your industrial automation system is functioning smoothly, all parts must coincide with their intended components. Though capable of taking on the duties of both humans and previously incorporated mechanical systems, automated systems are still limited to our current technology. While unable to incorporate all functions, for what industrial manufacturing processes automation is applied for, it can often coincide with an abundance of invested capital and high product production. Due to the potential hindrance and product delay a malfunction can cause, most automated systems are highly sophisticated and are still overseen by qualified personnel. As such systems continue to grow, it generates the question of how much applied automation will surpass human gain, exhausting jobs and other opportunities. Proving to be a discussion over diminishing returns and the logistics of their function, rising automation employment has proven to cause job anxiety and is subject to criticism. Perceived differently around the world, potential solutions such as a universal basic income (UBI) are underway for those impacted by job displacement.

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