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When you are in need of Industrial Supplies parts and components for your operational requirements, there is no better alternative to Industrial Automation Parts. As a premier online distributor serving a diverse customer base, we can secure you competitive pricing and rapid lead-times on a number of high-quality items that we offer. In this catalog, customers can find the various part numbers that we have available for this item family, including highly sought-after part numbers such as 10168-6000EL, 1116BG, 1205-3 8X36YD, 1267-1X18YD, 1427.

When you are ready to begin the purchasing process for Industrial Supplies parts that you are interested in, submit an Instant RFQ form as provided on our website. Within 15 minutes or less, a dedicated account manager will reach out to you to provide a personalized quote and continue your order. If you are facing a time constraint, we provide expedited shipping on a number of items that we carry. Experience how Industrial Automation Parts is revolutionizing the part procurement process today when you request a quote

Part No. Description Manufacturer Sub Category RFQ
10168-6000EL 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 10168-6000EL 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
1116BG Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 1116BG Aavid N/A RFQ
1205-3 8X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 1205-3/8X36Y... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
1267-1X18YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 1267-1X18YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
1427 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 1427 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
2131C 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 2131C 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
22-1-1 2X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 22-1-1/2X36Y... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
233+3MMX55M 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 233+3MMX55M 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
2604 Ceramic Standoff - MIL NL523W01-010 - #6-32 thread... Abbatron N/A RFQ
2750 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 2750 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
325705R00000G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 325705R00000G Aavid N/A RFQ
3319 40 (100FT 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 3319/40 (100... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
335714B00000G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 335714B00000G Aavid N/A RFQ
3625 10 (100FT 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 3625/10 (100... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
3625 20 (100FT 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 3625/20 (100... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
3625 26 (100FT 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 3625/26 (100... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
3625 40 (100FT 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 3625/40 (100... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
3625 50 Flat Cable Polyvinyl Chloride 50Conductors 28AWG 3... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
3759 10 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 3759/10 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
3801 26 (100FT 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 3801/26 (100... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
4016 Tapes Double Side Adhesive Acrylic/Rubber 50PSI Na... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
4108-1 4X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 4108-1/4X36Y... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
433-2X60YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 433-2X60YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
4504-2X18YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 4504-2X18YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
465-4X60YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 465-4X60YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
471-RED-1 2X36YD-BOX 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 471-RED-1/2X... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
4726-3 4X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 4726-3/4X36Y... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
4945-WHITE-1 2X36YD-SMPK 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 4945-WHITE-1... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
4945-WHITE-1X36YD-SMPK 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 4945-WHITE-1... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
5023NG Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 5023NG Aavid N/A RFQ
513302B02500G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 513302B02500G Aavid N/A RFQ
5153-2X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 5153-2X36YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
531102B02500G Heat Sink Passive TO-220 Radial Thru-Hole Aluminum... Aavid N/A RFQ
532602B02500G Heat Sink Passive TO-220 Radial Thru-Hole Aluminum... Aavid N/A RFQ
56-77-8G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 56-77-8G Aavid N/A RFQ
569000B00000G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 569000B00000G Aavid N/A RFQ
574602B03700G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 574602B03700G Aavid N/A RFQ
576303B00000G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 576303B00000G Aavid N/A RFQ
577102B00000G Heat Sink Passive TO-220 Slim Channel Screw Mount ... Aavid N/A RFQ
60-3 4X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 60-3/4X36YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
600-1X72YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 600-1X72YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
600-2X72YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 600-2X72YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
60929 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 60929 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
6094 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 6094 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
6230DG(COPPER Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 6230DG(COPPER Aavid N/A RFQ
63-3 4X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 63-3/4X36YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
6400B-P2G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 6400B-P2G Aavid N/A RFQ
710-BLACK-24X30 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 710-BLACK-24... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
7701G Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 7701G Aavid N/A RFQ
7721-11NG Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 7721-11NG Aavid N/A RFQ
79-WHITE-1X60YD Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 79 - 1 in x 60 yd - Wh... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
8190-E40 Aavid - Industrial Supplies: 8190-E40 Aavid N/A RFQ
8403-1X72YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 8403-1X72YD 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
9425-1 2X72YD-BULK 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 9425-1/2X72Y... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
9425-3 4X72YD-BULK 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 9425-3/4X72Y... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
9500PC-1X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 9500PC-1X36Y... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
9500PC-3 4X36YD 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: 9500PC-3/4X3... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
AF370-30-11-13 ABB-CONTACTORS,OLS,MMPS - AF RANGE, (116-370), 3-P... Abb N/A RFQ
E93 50 ABB - Industrial Supplies: E93/50 Abb N/A RFQ
EPS200-3 8-48-BLACK-12 PCS 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: EPS200-3/8-4... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
EPS300-1 2-48-BLACK-75 PCS 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: EPS300-1/2-4... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
EPS300-3 4-48-BLACK-45 PCS 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: EPS300-3/4-4... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
FP301-1 2-48-CLEAR-12-PCS 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: FP301-1/2-48... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
FP301-3 8-48-CLEAR-125 PCS 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: FP301-3/8-48... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
HIGHLAND-3 4X66FT-1.5-CORE 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: HIGHLAND-3/4... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
MFP-3 64-48-CLEAR-250-PCS 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: MFP-3/64-48-... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ
MW-1-48-BLACK-24-PCS 3M Electricals - Industrial Supplies: MW-1-48-BLAC... 3m Electricals N/A RFQ


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